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Robinette Farms CSA

Community Supported Agriculture                              

What is CSA?
Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a farming model in which consumers p
urchase food directly from the farmers who grow it. In the winter and spring, CSA members pay in advance for a share of the food to be grown during the upcoming season. Members share in the bounty of productive seasons, as well as the risk of less abundant years.

By investing in our farm each year, members help ensure the ongoing presence of their local farm in the community, and become connected with their food and the people who grow it. In 2013, we were able to secure lending to buy our farm because of guaranteed income from our CSA. Check out our blog to read more about the tangible impact CSA has had on our farm.

You have your family doctor, your dentist, even your mechanic; shouldn’t you have your farmer too?

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How CSA Works at Robinette Farms

Spring CSA
Spring is a time of fresh greens! Lighten up your diet and get the freshest of the season for 8 weeks, beginning in early April through the end of May. Our Spring CSA will be heavy on greens and light on roots. If you are craving fresh greens and sweet radishes, this is the share for you!

Summer CSA
This is our main season CSA which lasts for 20 weeks: the end of May/early June through the middle of October. Members receive their weekly share of produce typical for that time of year, grown on our farm, and harvested by us. Each Wednesday, you pick up your share at either The Farm in Martell or Leon's Gourmet Grocer in Lincoln, giving you a chance to meet with your farmers and socialize with other members.

Pastured Poultry
Our chickens are free to graze diverse pastures planted and managed to make our farm more sustainable.  The birds are moved throughout the pastures, fertilizing and improving the soil that we'll use for growing great vegetables in the future.
       ~ Egg Share -- pastured hens make the best eggs!

       ~ Chicken Share -- meat raised with integrity!

Fall CSA
Enjoy the bountiful fall in Nebraska and extend your seasonal eating right up until Christmas! Robinette Farms offers a 10 week Fall CSA starting in mid October through the middle of December. The Fall CSA focuses on storage crops for heartier winter eating.

Share the Bounty
We partner with The Gathering Place, a program through the Community Action Partnership, to help provide fresh, healthy vegetables to those in need. We match every dollar you donate to bring high quality, nutrient rich foods to all members of our community.  If you join the CSA, you can support the program in $10 increments when you checkout.  If you are not a CSA member, click here to learn how you can help.

Member Benefits

Members receive the freshest possible foods produced without the use of chemicals directly from our farm, 15 miles south of Lincoln. We grow over 99% of the food you get! If we can find a way to grow sweet corn without chemicals, it'll be 100%! This provides you with the unique opportunity to understand exactly what went into the production of the food you consume: where the seed came from, who planted it, how it was irrigated, who weeded it, harvested it, washed it and delivered it to you! When you become a Member, our farm becomes yours.

As a Member you become an active participant in the farm through interacting with us at CSA pickups, participating in farm field days, CSA-only events, farm tours, connecting with us through our website, via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and by reading our weekly newsletters, which include recipes, news from the farm and other interesting information.

Farming is risky business, and CSA Members' direct investment in sustainable agriculture helps guarantee the presence of small, diversified family farms in our community.


By Becoming a Member, You:

Get access to the highest quality vegetables,
Try new foods and learn how to cook with them,
Develop relationships with your farmers,

Expand your community,

Support your local economy,

Reduce your carbon and chemical footprint,
Diversify your diet and eat the freshest food possible!





CSA Registration Will Open in Mid-January 2017!

Robinette Farms is Hiring!March 17th, 2017

We have 3 seasonal full-time positions on the farm for the 2017 season! Join our crew this year and enjoy the summer working outside, working with your body and growing great food for your community!

CSA NewslettersAugust 23rd, 2016

Check out our archive of past CSA Newsletters, and catch up on any that you have missed this season! You will need Adobe to view these files.  If you need to download it, CLICK HERE. 2016 CSA New

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