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What is CSA

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a farming model in which consumers purchase food directly from the farmers who grow it. In the winter and spring, CSA Members pay in advance for a share of the food to be grown during the upcoming season. Members share in the bounty of productive seasons, as well as the risk of less abundant years.

By investing in our farm each year, Members help ensure the ongoing presence of their local farm in the community, and become connected with their food and the people who grow it. In 2013, we were able to secure lending to buy our farm because of guaranteed income from our CSA.


Farming is risky business, and CSA Members' direct investment in sustainable agriculture helps guarantee the presence of small, diversified family farms in our community.

You have your family doctor, your dentist, even your mechanic, shouldn’t you have your farmer too?

 The Basics 

Our Farm becomes Yours


Members receive the freshest possible Certified Organic foods produced directly from our farm, 15 miles south of Lincoln. 


This provides you with the unique opportunity to understand exactly what went into the production of the food you consume: where the seed came from, who planted it, how it was irrigated, who weeded it, harvested it, washed it and delivered it to you!

CSA Pickup
As a Member You:


  • Get access to the highest quality vegetables

  • Try new foods and learn how to cook with them

  • Develop relationships with your farmers

  • Expand your community

  • Support your local economy

  • Reduce your carbon and chemical footprint

  • Diversify your diet and eat the freshest food possible!

Farm Work
Participate in the Farm


  • Interact with the Farmers at available market-style CSA Pick Ups

  • Farm field days

  • CSA-Only Events

  • Private CSA Member Facebook Group to interact with other Members

  • Farm Tours

  • Volunteer Days

  • Robinette Facebook Page

  • Robinette Instagram Page

  • Weekly Email Newsletters


Seasonal Eating

We offer CSA sessions for all 4 seasons!

Eat local 46 weeks out of the year with Robinette Farms!

Enjoy local food in the dead of winter! This share is focused on bringing members lots of hearty storage roots as well as fresh micro greens from our greenhouse and great local product add-on shares. The Winter Share is 10 weeks long, beginning in mid January and lasting through late March.

January 16 - March 20, 2019


Spring is a time of fresh greens! Lighten up your diet and get the freshest of the season for 8 weeks, beginning in early April through late May. Our Spring CSA is heavy on greens and light on roots. If you are craving fresh greens and sweet radishes, this is the share for you!

April 3 - May 22, 2019


This is our main season CSA which lasts for 16 weeks: June through late September. Members receive their weekly share of produce typical for that time of year, grown on our farm, and harvested by us. We continue to offer local add-ons from other great businesses in Nebraska. This time of year the diversity of what we can produce in Nebraska truly shines through!

June 5 - September 18, 2019


Enjoy the bountiful fall in Nebraska and extend your seasonal eating right up until Christmas! We offer a Fall CSA starting early October and running through the middle of December. The Fall CSA is 12 weeks long and focuses on the last of the summer produce and moves into fresh greens and storage crops for heartier winter eating.

October 2 - December 18, 2019



Local Add-On Shares

We partner with other local producers to offer our Members a one-stop-shop for their CSA pick up. 

We offer weekly or bi-weekly pick ups for most of our Add-On Shares.


PLEASE NOTE: Add-On Shares are ONLY available after the purchase of a Vegetable Share. 

Check back with us often to see what partners we are currently working with.

Each delivery (we have weekly or bi-weekly options) you'll get 1 dozen eggs from Country Lane Gardens pastured poultry operation in Columbus, NE. Their chickens are free to forage through lush pasture but also have mobile coops that provide protection from the weather and predators.

1 Dozen Eggs - $5 per delivery



We are partnering with our favorite local bakery, Le Quartier, to bring you fresh, locally made bread! Get a mix of artisanal loaves throughout the season; each delivery is baker's choice and ranges from a loaf of their famous Cheddar bread to a half loaf of Rustic Country. 

1 Loaf of Baker's Choice Bread - $6 per delivery


Cultiva Coffee Share.png

We are thrilled to partner with local coffee roastery, Cultiva, to bring you fresh roasted local coffee! Choose to get a 12 oz bag of whole bean, regular or decaf coffee each week or on a bi-weekly basis. Cultiva will choose the blend or single origin coffee offered each week. If you use a lot of coffee, just order multiple shares!

1 Bag (12 ounces) Roaster's Choice Whole Bean Coffee (Regular or Decaf) - $13 per delivery


SVB LOGO v.3.png

Drink locally grown, caffeine-free herbal teas handcrafted by Nicole and Paul Saville. Every other week you'll receive a tin of an herbal tea blend suited for the season. Each tin is approximately 15 cups of tea. Drink to your health and well being! Want more tea? Order 2 shares to equal 1 tin per week! Think hot tea in the fall, winter and spring and iced tea in the summer!

1 Tin (~15 cups of tea) Herbalist's Choice Tea - $6.50 per delivery



We are thrilled to partner with Charuth Van Beuzekom at Dutch Girl Creamery to provide our Members with her award winning goat cheeses. Charuth and her husband Kevin produce hand-crafted artisan goat cheese in their on farm cheese making plant. Get a sampling of all the cheeses they produce throughout the season! The weight of cheese received varies with the type, but each delivery will be approximately 8 ounces of cheese. Only available in Summer and Fall.

1 Carton Goat Cheese, Cheesemaker's Choice - $7.50 per delivery



A Summer Share only Add-On! Give yourself a weekly or bi-weekly treat from an amazing local gem of a pastry shop! Traditional, gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan options are available. Goldenrod Pastries is our Fall, Winter and Spring CSA pick up location, where Members can purchase pastries when they pick up, which is why we only offer this Share in the Summer!

Sweet or Pastry, Baker's Choice - $8.00 per delivery


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