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First Spring CSA Today

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

March came in and out like a lion and Easter Sunday brought 5 plus inches of snow to the farm.

When will spring get here already?

The first Spring CSA distribution is today at Goldenrod Pastries from 4-6pm and I'm excited to see all of you Spring Share Members and catch up with how winter treated you and your families.

Green grass with dew drops
Robinette Farms Local Food Subscription Box Nebraska

We always have a lot going on here at Robinette and this winter was no exception; we spent the winter working on our new washstation building and some of you may have been tracking our progress on Instagram or Facebook.

Robinette Farms Local Food Subscription Box Nebraska

We tried our best to get some down time but were busy growing Micro Greens, planting for the spring in our high tunnels, upgrading our website, marketing, and hanging out with family!

This winter seemed to be a long, cold and cloudy one and it just doesn't want to let go! And while I stuck to our regular planting schedule that has worked in the past, Mother Nature just didn't want to go along with my plan.

That means that it's slim pickin's right now for the CSA, while we wait for the sun to come out and the soil to warm. My projections, and what I've heard from other growers in the area, is that we are about 2-3 weeks behind from what we would typically see this time of year.

Guess what that means?

Your radishes are barely beginning to make a root, your arugula doesn't have it's real leaves yet, and your salad mix is growing very, very slow...

This week we are happy to bring you salad mix and pea shoots from Robinette! But I want you to know how I have supplemented your share and what other Farmers you are supporting right now...

  • First off, this week we have Sweet Potatoes from Grandview Farm. Gordy and Susan Miller from Fremont do an outstanding job growing vegetables! They have been growing vegetables for over 25 years and are known for their "wall of brussels sprouts" at the Holiday Farmers' Markets. While they are not certified organic, their sweet potatoes are sure to please.

  • We also have dry beans from Clear Creek Organics near Spalding. Bob and Kristine Bernt grow all their veggies pesticide-free, and used to be certified organic. They don't certify any more, but continue to follow the same practices.  In addition to the chemical-free produce, they have many eggs, dairy, and meat items. They have been farming for decades and are well-known for their commitment to local food and connecting with consumers to educate and feed them.

**Bob suggests soaking the beans with 1 Tbs baking soda for every pound of beans. This softens the outer coating, and prevents the beans from staying crunchy when they're cooked. Since the outer shell of dried beans continues to harden as they store, soaking with baking soda (or vinegar) makes a huge difference! Or you can use a pressure-cooker (yay, Instant Pot!), which also softens the beans well. If you don't use a pressure cooker or baking soda, it can take hours and hours to cook them, so take note!**

  • Lastly this week, we have potatoes from Pekarek's Produce near Dwight. Pekarek's Produce is a family-run vegetable farm that raises over 50 varieties of crops on more than 15 acres. Ryan and Katie run a CSA, sell at Farmers' Markets and wholesale their produce to grocery stores in Lincoln and Omaha. They are not certified organic but are known for their high quality produce.

Keep your eyes peeled for other local additions to your shares in the coming weeks and be patient with the crops as we wait for the weather to change!

Happy eating!

Farmer Chloe

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