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How to clean or replace filters on your NV360?

The shark navigator lift-away nv360 is certainly a great option for homeowners, thanks to its reasonable pricing and impressive performances. Hence, it’s also widely used for normal household cleaning tasks. However, if you happen to notice that your machine is getting relatively slow and noisy lately, then you might want to clean or replace filters on the vacuum.

This is because the dirt that was caught inside the filters will slowly accumulate and reduce the suction power of your machine. Not to mention that it will take more power from the motor to produce enough suction due to the increased resistance. As a result, your machine will also get relatively nosier. And last but not least, if you refuse to clean your vacuum filters for an extended period of time, unfamiliar smells will start to develop. When you operate the machine, these odors can easily escape into the air and cause some real troubles for you and family.

Hence, it’s really important to learn how to clean the filters on your NV360 or replace them if needed. And in the following articles, we’ll show you how to properly perform these techniques.

How to clean and replace

On your shark navigator lift away deluxe NV360, first, unplug the power cord, then simply take out the canister unit. You can easily access the HEPA filter by removing the grille at the front of the unit. Simply work the lever up to open the grille from the bottom up then place it away. Here, you’ll have access to the HEPA filter, which isn’t washable.

So you only have the option of cleaning it by gently tap on the unit to beat out the dust or replace a new one if you find it to be quite dirty already. Simply grab on the filters and pull it out to perform certain cleaning procedures or replace it with a new one and simply slide it back on. Put the grille on its previous position and you can proceed to other parts.

On the sides of the dust tank, there should be two latches that you can simply unlock, which will set the dust tank free from the unit. Simply pull it up to reveal the two remaining filters, the foam filters and the premotor fabric filters. Both of them can be washable with water and soap, so you should clean them thoroughly before putting them back. Simply run them under water then apply detergent to effectively clean the items. You can squeeze them a little bit to get more dirt out but avoid applying too much pressure since you can easily damage their texture, causing them to be less effective.

Once you finish, make sure that all the filters are then properly dried so that no water can get into your system. In addition, after a few washes, the fabric and foam texture will get damaged. So it’s necessary for you to replace your filters with new ones to keep the filtration system functional.

Since the filter replacement on the shark lift away deluxe vacuum comes with a package of all three, you should have them all replaced every once in a while to maintain your vacuum performances.


Cleaning the filters on your vacuum is something that you should do frequently and shouldn’t overlook especially when the NV360 is quite easy to clean. This will allow the machines to function more properly and also avoid causing unwanted smell or poor air quality. And if needed, you should replace the filters to maintain the suction power on your shark navigator lift away upright vacuum.


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How to clean or replace filters on your NV360?

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