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Here Comes Summer Solstice

It’s hot and dry!  This has been a whiplash kind of season and the growing conditions the crew are very challenging.  The late, late spring meant nothing wanted to grow, and then the sudden late May and early June heat shocked all the stuff that was trying to get going.  Snap Peas and Snow, for example, didn’t make it through – a huge disappointment.  

Here at Robinette, we’ve only recorded 3.25” of rain since the beginning of April, which is uncharacteristically dry for us as April and May are typically our wettest months.  

It was the hottest May ever for the continental US – and not by a little: the US was over 5 degrees F warmer than normal (what is “normal” these days anyway!).  Perhaps it’s the blast furnace wind coming out of the south this morning, but something tells me that June isn’t going to cool off much!


CSA Pro Tips

Leon's Members: please bring your share list to pick up (on your phone or printed/written). Your share list is in the email you get from us at around 6am on WednesdaysBring your own bags, or better yet, a soft or hard cooler with ice packs in it to keep your veggies/eggs/cheese as fresh as possible!

Pick up times: Leon's: 4-7pm, Robinette Farms: 4-7pm, Assurity and FES: 3-5pm

You have from Friday afternoon when you get the email until Sunday evening at 11pm to edit your share. First come, first serve on the edits and extra items, so if you want the best swaps, then login as soon as you get the email!

Tips, ideas, recipes, photos, anything CSA related...check the Facebook Group regularly for connection and inspiration!

Don't use Facebook? That's ok too! We've got a private CSA Training Library that we continue to update! Access it via this private link:

See you soon!

Farmer Chloe

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