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Q. Can I order a box if I’m not a Subscription member?

A.  Yes! You may order items a la carte from our Online Farm Store, as long as you meet our $35 minimum. Along with veggies, we have a variety of local goods available like meat, dairy, nuts, jarred goods, beverages, pantry staples, and more!

Q. How does pricing and payments work?

A.  Minimum order for our Local Food Subscription and Online Farm Store is $35. You can order as much as you want though! Make sure you have a credit card entered in your account information and your order is confirmed (Online Farm Store only). Once we know we have everything for your box we will charge your card on Wednesday evening and you’ll receive your box Thursday or Friday.


Q. Do you offer home delivery and where?

A.  Yes! For an added weekly fee of $10, we'll bring your share right to your doorstep! Areas that we deliver to include but are not limited to Lincoln, Roca, and Hickman. Zip codes are listed on our sign-up page. Please note that since sometimes zip codes cover a huge radius, we cannot guarantee that if you are in a zip code we deliver to that you are in our delivery zone.

Q. How do I pause or put holds on my Subscription membership?

A. Follow the instructions below - just make sure to put your share on hold by Thursday at noon the week before your delivery date. If you're past that deadline we can always donate your share! Or you can wait until your scheduled delivery is created and cancel your order manually for the week. If you have any questions, reach out to!

  • Click here to access your “Subscriptions” page (make sure you’re logged in!)

  • Click the big blue button that says “Put Subscriptions on Hold”. This will give you a pop up window with all the details you need to put your subscription on hold.


Q. What items can I expect in my Subscription box?

A. It’s up to you! We will create a “default” box for you to start of your order period each week, and then you get to edit your box any way you want. You can keep all the items we put in there, delete them all, or do something in between! We 100% recommend editing your box, because then you get all the items that work for YOU.


Q. Can I cancel my Subscription?

A. If you would like to cancel your subscription you can submit a cancellation request in your account settings or email us. We require 8+ days notice for cancellation before your next delivery date. If you submit a request after that deadline, you will receive your next box (or you can donate it) and then will not receive boxes after that date.


Q. What happens if part of my order is missing?

A. Email and we will help coordinate adding the item(s) to your next box, or crediting it for you. Be sure to look for handwritten notes on your box label that may help you understand why something is missing!


Q. Can I sign up for a subscription, but receive it every other week?

A.  Yes! You can sign up for a subscription for either weekly or bi-weekly delivery. At the time of sign up under the Distribution Information section, select either “Bi-Weekly (A)” or “Bi-Weekly (B)” under Frequency.


Q. What if I can’t make it to the pick up location in time to pick up my box?

A. When you sign up for one of the pick up sites, you are committing to picking up your order during our listed pick-up window. We can’t guarantee the quality or availability of your box outside of that timeframe. Remember, you can send anyone to pick up your box for you! If you need to arrange an alternative you need to contact your pick up location NOT Robinette Farms. Pick up location contact information can be found in your weekly reminder email.


Q. Is all of your produce organic?

A. Robinette Farms products are certified organic through the OneCert and are Real Organic Certified as well. We follow all organic practices under the guidelines of the National Organic Program (NOP) and are proud to steward our land with all organic practices. We partner with many other farmers and food creators that range from “organic practices” to “natural” to “sustainable” and “conventional”. Look for this information on each product we sell! We also have more information about our producers on our site here!


Q. Do you provide resources to learn how to store or cook certain veggies?

A. Yes, our goal is to provide as much information and material to set our members up for success! Subscription Members are also welcome to join our Facebook Group (click here to join!) to see and share recipe ideas, preservation and storage tips, and veggie hacks! Along with those resources, Members receive a weekly email with recipes and other helpful information. 


Q. Should I wash the produce I receive in my box?

A. YES, you always should! We follow food safety protocol — our staff is trained on hand washing, we wash and sanitize the surfaces we rinse and pack your food in, we don’t ever sell anything that was dropped on the floor, we rinse off most all produce we send out to our customers, we have a food safety plan we follow (that we developed with food safety experts!), we have committed to taking food safety trainings annually or more - but the LAST part of food safety is in YOUR hands. Please wash your food before you prepare it and eat it- for your safety!

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