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Robinette Farms Local Food Subscription Box Nebraska

Get my Essential Guide to Grilling Veggies!

It's grilling season, and the grill isn't just for meat. 
Become a vegetable grilling master and use the bounty of the season on your grill!

We are Alex McKiernan and Chloe Diegel.

We have 3 girls and understand how challenging it can be to find the time to get healthy food on your family's table each day.

When food is fresh, kids (and husbands!) can taste the difference and will eat what you prepare every day without complaint! We have seen this over and over with our own children and from our customers over the years.

Sit down together at the dinner table as a family.

Our goal at Robinette Farms is to make eating fresh, locally grown and raised food as easy as possible!

We grow our own greens and grass finished beef on our farm as well as partner with over 30 local producers and food artisans to provide local food boxes that are fully customizable to meet your family's needs.

Feel confident knowing you are providing your family with nutritious food.
Robinette Farms Local Food Subscription Box Nebraska

​Taste the difference of fresh and local food!


We have been growing vegetables and raising animals for 20 years and we are passionate about our local food system!

We believe that knowing your farmer, your rancher, and your baker is important for your health and the health of your community.

Where your food comes from does make a difference.

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