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 Who We Are 

Our Mission


Robinette Farms seeks to sustainably produce a diversity of high quality farm goods for sale locally. We strive to build a profitable business that minimizes off-farm inputs, reduces our detrimental impact on the environment, and educates our community about the food we eat and enjoy. Through hard work and managed, sustainable growth, we intend to create a farm that supports our family and community for generations to come.

Meet Our Team of Farmers


 What We Do 


We grow a wide variety of vegetables -- over 35 types! -- for sale direct to consumers and some wholesale buyers through Lone Tree Foods. Most of our farm is seasonal production, although we extend those seasons via high tunnels -- think of a greenhouse where crops are planted directly into the ground.  High tunnels mean that each season is longer -- even in the winter!

Our Vegetables are Certified Organic!


While most of our produce is seasonal, our Micro Greens are available all year long: in the Spring, Summer and Fall at farmers' markets, and every month of the year at Open Harvest Coop Grocery in Lincoln, and select Hy-Vee and Natural Grocers stores in Lincoln and Omaha.

Micro Greens are tiny versions of many crops you've come to love like kale, cabbage, spicy mustard greens, pea and sunflower shoots. They are highly nutritious and packed with flavor.  Add them to soups, salads, sandwiches, eggs or garnish any cooked dish to add a flavor and vitamin punch!

Our Micro Greens are Certified Organic and Food Safety (HGAP) Certified!


Sunday Farmers Market



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Our Land


In the fall of 2010 we moved to our current location in Martell, 20 minutes southwest of downtown Lincoln.


Robinette Farms consists of a total of 100 acres of cropland, woodland, ponds, pasture and the farmstead.


We grow vegetables on about 10 acres and incorporate animals into our farm operation by grazing cattle on our pastures and tending honeybees.

Our Goal


Our goal is to build a business that supports our family, reduces our negative impact on the environment, and educates our community about the food we eat and enjoy.

Growing Practices


We believe that we cannot sustainably grow the highest quality produce for your family and ours without caring for the land and water that our farm is based on, and we feel that organic and regenerative practices are the best option available to meet our production and sustainability goals.

Our vegetable and micro greens operations are all Certified Organic, giving you the guarantee that we are doing our best for our customers, our family, and our planet.