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Get my Guide to a Well-Stocked Pantry!

Make simple, delicious meals that keep your family coming back for more.
The basic pantry guide, plus an expanded section to inspire you to explore new flavors!

Eating healthy has never been easier!

Vegetable Basket

Become a Local Food Subscription Member to receive local grocery deliveries from your favorite local farms and artisans, tailored to your preferences, with the power to customize the items in each box and create your own delivery schedule.

Choose from a selection of 250+ different local products, including vegetables, fruits, milk, cheese, and eggs, plus kitchen staples like bread, coffee, grains, jarred goods, spices, and more. 


After signing up, set your preferences to tell us what foods you do and don’t like.

For each scheduled delivery, the Harvie software will suggest a curated box of local food based on your set preferences. You then have the opportunity to customize your box to be sure you’re getting exactly what you want.

Your deliveries are initially scheduled as weekly, but you have the power to skip any week to build the schedule to what works best for you.

Woman Unloading Grocery
Outdoor Dinner Party

Choose products from 20+ local farms and artisans.

  • Burbach's Countryside Dairy

  • Pekarek's Produce

  • Le Quartier Bakery

  • Cultiva Coffee

  • Dutch Girl Creamery and Shadow Brook Farm

  • Country Lane Gardens
    and MORE!

We want you to love your local food subscription!

"Love you guys and all that you do! My family is so grateful to your family for bringing us such a great selection of local food and products! "

- Member Waheeda S.

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