Robinette Farms partners with Lone Tree Foods to sell and distribute to our wholesale customers. We produce food with the intention of minimizing our negative impact on the environment, while delivering fresh, high-quality produce to your doors.

We grow Certified Organic vegetables of a wide variety, and offer them in small to standard case sizing - please ask for quantities that work best for you!

We specialize in Micro Greens and Shoots of all varieties, flavors, and colors and they are both Certified Organic and Certified to the Harmonized GAPs standards. 

Micro Greens are packaged in bulk (4 and 8 oz. bags) for restaurant and institutional use, as well as in 2 oz. tamper-evident clam shells with UPC label for grocery stores. 

To learn more, please explore the links below and contact Lone Tree Foods for more information.


Micro Greens

Certified Organic

Certified Harmonized GAP

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Certified Organic Produce Availability List


At Robinette Farms, we have over 10 acres of diverse vegetable ground in production and grow over 35 varieties of vegetables and herbs.

Whether you are looking for Salad Mix or Winter Squash, we've got you covered.


Check out our annual Product Availability List to see what we grow.

Lone Tree Foods


Lone Tree Foods is a farmer-owned company that connects local farmers with wholesale and bulk buyers in our area. We are proud to work alongside other local growers in our community to supply our region with high quality, fresh vegetables and meats.

Contact Alex directly at 402-202-8563 to set up an order or check availability online each week.

Certified Organic Micro Greens and Shoots


Find the freshest flavors and colors year round with our variety of offerings of Micros Greens and Shoots. We offer unusual herbs and vegetables as Micro Greens to bring a pop of flavor, color and nutrition to your plate. Order in 4 oz increments of your favorites.

We offer retail-ready clam shells for grocery stores with our color label and UPC, sealed safely in a tamper-evident container. Split and full cases of our Broccoli Micros, Mild Mix, Spicy Mix, Pea Shoots and Sunflower Shoots are ready for your shelves!

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