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It's Greens Time!

Phew! The first week of CSA is complete without too many glitches!

Here are a few reminders for pick up:

Leon's Members: please bring your share list to pick up (on your phone or printed/written). Your share list is in the email you get from us at around 6am on WednesdaysBring your own bags, or better yet, a soft or hard cooler with ice packs in it to keep your veggies/eggs/cheese as fresh as possible!

Pick up times: Leon's: 4-7pm, Robinette Farms: 4-7pm, Assurity and FES: 3-5pm

You have from Friday afternoon when you get the email until Sunday evening at 11pm to edit your share. First come, first serve on the edits and extra items, so if you want the best swaps, then login as soon as you get the email!

Tips, ideas, recipes, photos, anything CSA related...check the Facebook Group regularly for connection and inspiration!

Don't use Facebook? That's ok too! We've got a private CSA Training Library that we continue to update! Access it via this private link:

Things are BUSY here on the farm! The plants and the weeds are growing at maximum speed as we are leading up to solstice on June 21st. We are planting like crazy, weeding like crazy and harvesting like crazy, and I guess it's summer now because it's going to be 99 degrees this week!

We are watering as much as we possibly can to keep our late spring crops surviving through this heat so you can get yummy treats like broccoli and beautiful salads for as long as the weather allows.

We've got more great greens in your share this week and this is the time of year for greens so embrace it and eat salads and put them in smoothies and blanch and freeze your greens now so you can enjoy them in the dark of January!

Happy Eating! Farmer Chloe

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