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Are you a business that's interested in providing a unique benefit to your employees?

Robinette Farms serves the Lincoln and Omaha metro areas by providing individuals, restaurants, schools, and institutions access to the best locally grown, raised, and produced food in Nebraska. 


We are a small scale farm and ranch as well as a farmer cooperative operating the Local Food Subscription and the Online Farm Store.

A Workplace CSA is an excellent way for your organization to support local, sustainable agriculture while encouraging health and wellness among employees at the same time! 

Offering local food boxes through our Workplace Programming is a low-cost, concrete means of contributing to your company’s wellness and sustainability goals, and shows your employees you care.


Employers are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of engaging in proactive employee wellness programs. For every dollar spent on wellness programs, the average employer saves $3.27 in medical costs. In addition, sick leave, health plan costs, worker compensation and disability costs decrease by about 25% per year with a wellness program in place.

How To Work With Us

We offer 2 easy ways to provide a unique benefit to your employees!

Raw Vegetables

Employee Credit

As an employer you will provide your employees with an annual credit to purchase locally grown food.

Employees can choose to receive home delivery of their boxes ($10 per delivery) or pick up at their workplace when they leave for home. 

This provides a direct monetary benefit to employees that can directly impact their health.

Workplace Pick-Up

Your employees purchase their own boxes of local food, but you as the employer are providing the benefit of conveneint access to their orders by offering pick up at your office.

This provides your employees with access to healthy, locally grown food that they can conveniently pick up on their way out of the office after work.


Workplace Partners

Whether or not you choose to help subsidize the cost of employee CSA shares or simply help facilitate the program, there is little doubt that engaging in a Workplace CSA can help reduce costs to your business. The evidence is widespread and compelling that investing in your employees and their wellbeing will pay dividends in terms of employee productivity, retention and loyalty.

Is my business a good fit for Workplace programming?

Hospitals, health-minded businesses (gyms, yoga studios, etc.), restaurants, or agencies (local government offices, nonprofits, etc.) all make excellent workplace partners. Because a small percentage of employees will choose to participate, larger employers tend to have more success with Local Food Workplace Programming. Do you have a local food champion on staff who will handle farmer relationship-building, logistics, and inter-company marketing? It’s best if this person is involved with human resources or in a leadership role to ensure employer buy-in will continue even if there are staffing changes.

What is my business’s role in Workplace Programming?

Usually one or two people at the business/agency will coordinate logistics with Robinette Farms. The local food champion’s job is to find a good pickup location inside your facility and market the program to employees. You will need to secure administrative and facilities approval before beginning. A survey of employees can also be useful to gauge enthusiasm and preferences. Note that final participation is usually lower than the number of people initially expressing interest.

How do my employees sign up?

Employees will sign up directly with Robinette online. However, if your business is offering payroll deduction, employees would sign up through the business, and the company will pay Robinette directly. The cost of the benefit would then be deducted from employee paychecks when deliveries begin.

What can my business do to improve employee participation?

Some employers offer financial help for their employees via payroll deduction or a small stipend toward the shares. Some health insurers or wellness programs may offer rebates for farm membership. Employers can also offer non-financial incentives, such as a free CSA cookbook with sign-up, team-building CSA potluck lunches, cooking or food preservation demos, or farm visits. We can assist with employee education and marketing - just ask!

Learn how Robinette Farms can help you incorporate fresh food into your workplace, strengthen your community, AND support local farms. 

If you are interested in learning more about how Robinette Farms and your business can work together to create a valuable and unique benefit for your employees, please fill out the form and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

We are excited to collaborate with you to create a benefit that works for you, your employees, and us!

Thanks for taking an interest in locally produced food and passing along that value to your employees.

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