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Interested in Local Food?

Get on our list to get information about how to shop from local farmers, ranchers, and food artisans!

We are farmers and ranchers.

At Robinette Farms we grow certified Organic microgreens and salad greens and raise 100% grassfed beef. We have been farming and ranching for over 20 years and created our Online Farm Store and Local Food Subscription to uplift our community of small farmers in Nebraska and help folks like YOU find healthy, locally produced food with ease.

We partner with over 40 local producers.

We have an amazing collaborative community of small farms, ranches, and local small food businesses that are part of our program. Believe it or not, everything we need for our families to thrive can be found in Nebraska and our local region! 

Raw Vegetables

Yes, I'd love to hear more about how to get local food in my kitchen!

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