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Come Visit Us on the Dig Deeper Farm Tour!

Experience your food in a new way: directly from the source. The Dig Deeper Farm Tour is a unique opportunity to explore the farms in our area, to connect with the families that bring fresh food to our tables, and to inspire one another to support our local, sustainable food system.

On September 18th, local farms will open their gates and barn doors to the public to share in this experience – free for all to attend!

Where your food comes from matters. Consumers have more choices than ever at the grocery store, and the difference between a locally-grown tomato and one grown from afar is not always obvious. Customers rarely get the opportunity to see where their food comes from and meet those who make our local food system possible.

This event is the fruition of a collaborative community effort between Open Harvest Co-op Grocery, Sunday Farmers’ Market, Buy Fresh Buy Local, and Nebraska Sustainable Agriculture Society. This year, there are 8 farms participating: Bright Hope Family Farm, Common Good Farm, Community Crops, Green School Farms, Lu’s Flowers & Vegetables, Robinette Farms, Shadow Brook Farm, and West End Farm.

“Purchasing from local producers strengthens our local economy and creates a robust local food system. Our local producers are unsung heroes, championing healthy & sustainable food production that is accessible from within our community. It’s exciting to once again offer this opportunity to the community.”, says Amy Tabor, General Manager of Open Harvest Co-op Grocery.

We would love to see you out at Robinette and visiting some of the producers that we work with to provide fresh produce for our Local Food Subscription boxes!

To learn more about The Dig Deeper Farm Tour, please visit:

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1 Comment

Wally Graeber
Wally Graeber
Aug 24, 2021

This is great to see your team participating in the September 18th Dig Deeper Tour. :)

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