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Local Holiday Gift Guide!

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

We've spent some time this fall compiling a list of goodies you can get directly from our Online Farm Stand (which will be delicious local food gifts), as well as a list of great locally owned (and often women and family owned) businesses where you can spend your money within your local economy!

Check out our local holiday gift guide for some great ideas and shops for your Holiday giving this year!

Here's a list of non-perishables that we sell via our Online Farm Stand or through our Local Food Subscription Membership on a weekly basis. Assemble your own gift baskets with local goodies!

  • Jams-Kennelwood Farms

  • Salsas-Daniels Produce

  • Pickles-Daniels Produce

  • Kraut-Daniels Produce

  • Honey-Robinette Farms

  • Hot sauce-Daniels Produce

  • Pastas-Capo di Tutto Pasta

  • Brownie mix-Sweet Minou

  • Chocolate bars-Sweet Minou

  • Kombucha-Ensign Beverage

  • Coffee and Cold Brew-Cultiva Coffee

  • Spices-Tamayta Spice Shop

  • Tea and more-Spiritus Vitae Botanicals

Here's a short list of great local businesses to inspire your local Holiday gift giving!






We hope you feel inspired to shop local this Holiday season and support your community in meaningful ways.

We also know that we have left SO many shops off this list -- this is just a drop in the bucket -- so be sure to share your favorite locally owned shops with us in the comments!

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