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Fall Subscription is OPEN!

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

The first delivery begins the week of October 5th and runs through the middle of December, with no delivery the week of Thanksgiving.

What are the details and what will I get in my box?

We have 3 subscription size options. You can sign up for a Standard size and opt for a weekly or every other week delivery and we also offer a weekly Double Salad Subscription.

The Salad Subscription gets you a “base” box of salad greens, micro greens, and other seasonal vegetables that you can then build from. You can choose to simply customize your base subscription box each week or add to your box from a multitude of extra purchase options!

We work with several other local vegetable producers to bring you as many seasonal vegetable choices as possible. We also work with local businesses to bring you bread, coffee, tea, cheese, and SO much more. We are always adding new items!

How much does it cost?

The Standard Salad Subscription is $20 per delivery and the Double Salad Subscription is $35 per delivery. Each delivery you can customize your box by swapping out items, and/or by purchasing extra items to be included in your box.

You pay upfront for your first delivery when you sign up and then pay on a weekly basis for the remainder of the season. Once you have your account set up with us you can pay off your balance at any time during the season.

Where do I pick up my Subscription?

We have several new pick up location options in Lincoln beginning this session!

We are partnering with several local businesses who are all excited to host you and offer you the advantage of being able to conveniently pre-order their items for pick up or purchase when you pick up your box! All of our pickup location hosts are supporters of our farm, business partners, and wonderful people in our local food community.

This season we have several different pick up locations on different days of the week:

Wednesdays: Robinette Farms in Martell, 4-7pm

Thursdays: Tamayta Spice Shop (Myers Sharpening) at 48th & Prescott, 4-6:30pm

Clean Juice at 78th & Pioneers, 4-7pm

Fridays: Relish Catering at 6th & Van Dorn, 4-6pm

Le Quartier Bakery at 70th & 'O' St, 3-5pm

Saturdays: Robinette Farms in Martell, 10am-Noon

You must pick one location when you sign up, but with your Harvie account you are able to change your pick up location anytime you need (up to the Sunday before your delivery).

We would love to have you join us for a season of local Fall eating!

Woman holding box of local vegetables
Robinette Farms Local Food Subscription Box Nebraska

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