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Happy May!

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Last week marked the halfway point of our Spring did that happen?

The last pickup for Spring Share at Goldenrod Pastries is May 23rd, then we all have 1 week of no CSA, then Summer Shares start with pick ups at Leon's Grocer or at The Farm in Martell on June 6th.

Now that spring is finally here, the crops, the grass and the buds on the trees are growing! We have worked super hard the last week to continue to get plants in the ground and we are finally sitting pretty and are close to being caught up.

In typical farmer fashion, this means that I have been working long days every day! Between managing ground that isn't yet planted, preparing beds for the crew to plant, irrigating, and starting the first Farmers' Markets of the year things have been non-stop for a couple weeks.

Potato Field
This is 1 acre of potatoes! It was hard to get it to fit in the frame...

Our newest chickens on the farm are starting to lay eggs and we are excited to be able to offer more eggs at our Farmers' Markets and have plenty for our Summer Egg Share Members.

The chickens are currently being moved around a field that will be vegetable ground in 2019. Last fall we planted winter rye in that field and the chickens stayed on it all winter and into this spring. It's amazing to see the noticeable difference in vigor of the rye when comparing where the chickens have fertilized and where they haven't!

Enjoy the warmer weather and cross your fingers for no severe weather on the farm this week!

Farmer Chloe

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