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It's go time!

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

It's now (suddenly) the middle of May and it's officially go time on the farm. We have assembled our crew for the season, everyone is trained in and familiar with the farm and now it's time to go, go, go!

I am excited about our awesome farm crew this year: we have Chris, who has been with us for a full calendar year and is the main force behind our micro greens operation; we have Erika, who has also been with us for a full year and has jumped in head first to be the Crew Leader on the farm this year; for our Field crew we have Alex, who just finished his degree from UNL this winter and is a wiz with building, repairs and irrigation set up; we have Zach, who is bringing his years of work in grocery stores and helping to streamline our protocols; and we have Diego, who is joining us all the way from Brazil as part of a worldwide farmer internship program, he is full of energy and jumps right in to any task! We also have a solid Farmers' Market Crew for both our Lincoln and Omaha markets: Kat, Katie and Bailey. Bailey also joins us one day a week to wash and pack CSA produce. Last but definitely not least we have Jess, who was our very first employee when we started 8 years ago, who joins us one day a week to wash and pack produce for the farmers' markets! And then there's Boss Man Alex and I working non-stop to keep this machine running!

Tomatoes in high tunnel.
The tomatoes finally got planted in the new high tunnel! We are excited to expand our indoor growing space.

May and June are peak growing season for everything! We've got spring crops in the ground and next week is our big push to get summer crops like tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, sweet potatoes, and melons planted out in the field. Interestingly enough, when we are planting all of our summer crops in the field, we are also starting to seed our fall crops in the greenhouse! We are always thinking a season ahead...

Remember that next week (May 23rd) is the LAST spring CSA pick up! We then have ONE week of no CSA (May 30th) and then summer CSA starts on June 6th!

Until next week,


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