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Slow Spring in Nebraska

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

According to the USA National Phenology Network, spring leaf out arrived early in much of the West, Southwest, Ohio Valley, and parts of the Mid-Atlantic, when compared to a long-term average (1981-2010). Parts of Nevada and eastern Washington, Oregon, and California are 4-5 weeks early, while parts of the Great Plains, Midwest, and Northeast are one to two weeks late.

Judging by these maps, we are around 20 days later than "normal" here in Lincoln! This matches up with our approximate planting dates for many of our early spring crops like onions. We typically plant onions the first week of April, not the third and fourth weeks of April. Since moving back to Nebraska to farm, this has been the latest by at least a week that we have put onions in the ground. I'm crossing my fingers for no more lows in the teens and twenties until November!

High Tunnel
Our third high tunnel under construction. This will have tomatoes in it as soon as it's finished!

Construction projects have been moving along in the last week! Alex's brother was in town from Minnesota to help build walls on our newest high tunnel and do a few carpentry jobs around the farm.

High tunnels allow us to offer extended seasons of crops - early spring crops, late fall crops and overwintered crops. Having a third tunnel will allow us to have more room for crop rotation which will reduce our impact on the soil and interrupt the cycles of pests.

This week we have even more Robinette produce coming in the share! Salad Mix, Micro Salad, Broccoli Micro Greens, Bok Choy and Cilantro have all been harvested from our tunnels! The next couple of weeks we will be able to add radishes, head lettuce, arugula, and turnips.

See you at Goldenrod tonight!


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